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We believe in EMPATHY and SOLIDARITY
As the three musketeers say, “All for one and one for all!”
Democrats care about what happens to other people.

We believe that EVERYBODY MATTERS.

We care what happens to other people, because we believe that every person has inherent worth. We don’t believe in leaving anybody behind, because every single person matters.

We believe in EQUALITY; we may all be different, but our differences don’t change the fact that we’re all worth the same and deserve to be treated as equals.

Because we value everyone, we recognize that every person has fundamental rights. We all deserve to have our basic needs met. We all deserve respect and the right to pursue happiness and fulfillment.


We believe in the social contract; there are certain things we owe each other just because we live together in this society. We all depend on each other, so we take responsibility for how our actions impact others and for our shared prosperity: the well-being of the community as a whole.

We don’t put the needs of the whole above the needs of individuals; we value the community or country as a whole because we value every person in it.


As fellow Americans – people who live together in this society and depend on each other – we have an obligation to look out for each other. Democracy a.k.a. self-government is the way we do that.

Government is us, the American people, cooperating to make group decisions and take collective action, in order to take care of each other, to protect each other and to improve our quality of life.

Event Schedule

Monthly Meeting

Hamilton County Democrats Central Committee meetings usually meet on the first Tuesday evening of each month.

Iowa Democratic State Convention

June 15th, 2024
Des Moines

Ryan Melton Corn Hole Campaign

June 26th, 2024
West Twin Park, Webster City
7 pm

National Democratic Convention

August 19-22, 2024

National General Election

November 5th, 2024

Questions about your eligibility or absentee voting?  Iowa Secretary of State has answers.


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